About Us

About Us

It all started on a basketball court at an AAU tryout when I noticed a guy working with my son, Grant on post drills. He knew what he was doing for sure and I knew I needed him to train him. So I asked the Director if he could get me his information, he laughed. He said do you know who he is ? Lee Nailon a former NBA player. I smiled because everyone knew from me being a former D1 player I never let anyone train him. But Lee had the teaching basketball right ability which was special! That was the beginning of Lee and Gerianna‘s story.

We had a plan to start a food truck eventually but when Covid hit our sister Elizabeth said why wait start now. Lee and I went to Walmart where we purchased a small blue charcoal grill. We started  cooking with indirect heat for us & our family.  “Ocean Blue” was turned into a smoker by Lee’s design. This is where ‘Dough & Tips’ started!

We did a lot of research going to food trucks, restaurants, reading articles, and watching Food Network. We knew we had something special when our food already tasted better than businesses that have been open 20 years or more. Our business grew and we invested in making a 250 gallon propane tank into a smoker called “Black Magic”.

We come from two families were cooking and preparing food was a joyful passion. Our grandmothers, our moms, Katherine & Shevawn put their hearts and souls into their food. We took their recipes and mixed it with our love and passion for cooking for others.

Being from the Midwest, we were raised eating rib tips. We wanted to bring this to Texas since you can’t find them anywhere. My husband has taken our “Tips” to another level. This is “Dough & Tips” signature meat which is so juicy, tender & mouth watering.

Lee & Gerianna

Where we smoke
from the heart

Our joy comes from people loving our food and sharing every bite through their pictures and comments on social media. We have had the pleasure to serve families at Ronald McDonald house, homeless people in our downtown area and needy families through our church Open Door. We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus so a portion of our profits will always go to these ministries. We know that once you try our food you will definitely be a fan for life!